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On your spiritual path you can work with many different people such as; coaches, clairvoyants, and even therapists.  However, this is likely to not be the help you exactly “need”.  Rather spend money on many different individuals who don’t truly know what you are going through.  Why not have a coaching session with someone who understands what you are going through.  From awakening to your purpose, stepping into spiritual entrepreneurship, and navigating your twin flame journey; I was made just for you.

The beauty of coaching is it’s all about bringing you into the light, and it’s about your specific path.  Coaching is always about moving you forward, and it’s a profession which promotes limitlessness.  Limitlessness: an incredibly important aspect of spirituality.

Bringing this together with my spiritual mentorship, is the absolute perfect combination.  Let my pain, be your cure.  Let my struggle, be the answer to all your questions.

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Supporting Awakening Souls


Hey there my Spiritual Baddie,

My name is Chynna Laura, I am a Certified Personal & Professional Life Coach and I mentor people who are awakening.  I use a combination of coaching and spiritual advisory to help you navigate; awakening to your purpose, spiritual entrepreneurship and your twin flame journey.  These are 3 key parts of a spiritual journey, which truly go hand in hand.  Therefore, I believe understanding each of these are essential to offering the best help to this community.

Spirituality came into my life 6 years ago, and it’s become the #1 thing in my life since.  When spirituality comes into your life it’s way of being, one you can’t deny.  Even if you have a tumultuous relationship with it, as you try to understand where the Universe is taking you.

Having a Bachelor’s in psychology, as well as experience in the clinical field; I’m aware of the do’s and don’t in clinical practice.  However, my spiritual experiences are what have given me a sea of knowledge to advise my clients.

The greatest gift for me is to provide you with clarity and understanding on your path, so that you can stay this path with the least inner turmoil possible.  This path is one of great opposition, and as you are typically experiencing trials in both your personal and professional life, it can feel tumultuous.

A big part of the reason I decided to help this niche of awakening people was not only the lack of support I had during the process, it was the lack of the right support.  Even though I received help along my way and had certain mentors – I never received the exact type of help I needed.  I felt that no one could deeply understand what I was experiencing, and that is why I chose to help others through this process.  This is the help I wish I had!

Moving Towards my Dream Work

My "professional" but mostly spiritual path.

Waking Up

In 2015 I started waking up from nightmares because I wasn’t doing what was always in my heart; helping others.  This set me on the path to further my studies and take a few extra courses to get into a Master’s program and get experience in the counseling field.  While I was trying to accomplish that with a full time job – I burned out.  This burnout stopped me in my tracks, and led me to my first true awakening.  I made a deeply thought out, yet intuitive decision, about leaving this conventional path.  I walked away feeling empty handed.  2 months later I enrolled in Personal & Professional Coaching at Concordia University.  Which I adored.

Leaps of Faith

As I was moving so much into my authenticity, so quickly.  I purged and left behind many different aspects in 2018.  I quit the job I hated and decided I would pursue coaching fully.  I left behind many material aspects as well.  I experienced a complete purge of my life, it was brutal.  It removed anything which had made itself part of my identity.  When you are left “naked” like that – it will force you to find value within.  It’s one of the major gifts of the purge.  An experience like this is one of the most brutal parts of spirituality, even if you are going along with it.

My Spiritual Journey

Awakening to my purpose, my twin flame journey, and trying to be a spiritual entrepreneur was all really confusing.  Going through spiritual things like; a purge, premonitions, signs/symbols, and being pulled to my calling was A LOT.  I did my best with what I knew, and I spent a lot of money on seeking out help – which for the most part didn’t really help me.  It’s pretty hard to be sturdy when you’re going through so much on so many levels.  After all relationships and our professions are the largest aspects of our life.

The major lack of clarity and understanding of what I was going through fuelled me to help those awakening.  I got up and fell down a few times because I simply just didn’t have the strength to push this calling through.  However, I never give up.  And although I took my time, time itself allowed me to build the strength and clarity to seriously step into my calling.


As one awakens to their purpose, they often awaken to their twin flame journey.  And as you awaken to your purpose – you step into spiritual entrepreneurship.  Understanding the struggles and occurrences which happen within this community that stem from these 3 moving parts allows me to offer you an encompassing awakening help

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